In this page, you can find the links to selenium tutorials, java related information, TestNG and other useful interview preparation materials.


  1. Selenium tutorials – p1
  2. Selenium tutorials – p2
  3. WebElement actions
  4. Navigate commands
  5. How to upload file
  6. Select dropdown
  7. Waits in selenium
  8. Mouse-hover actions
  9. Handle alerts
  10. Common exceptions in selenium
  11. Take screenshot in selenium
  12. SSL certificate handling


  1. TestNG
  2. Annotations
  3. Timeout test in TestNG







Java concepts

  1. Covert String to int in Java
  2. StringUtils examples
  3. Hashset and LinkedHashset differences in java
  4. Star pattern programs in Java
  5. Get last 4 chars from String
  6. Java map examples
  7. String split function
  8. Maps in Java
  9. Read text file in Java
  10. Convert String to String array
  11. Find common elements in ArrayLlist
  12. Program to find largest number in array
  13. String initialization
  14. Check String is empty or not
  15. Remove element from ArrayList
  16. How to clear an ArrayList in java
  17. How to remove last element from an ArrayList

SQL concepts

    1. SQL Date functions – Part 1
    2. Advanced SQL functions
    3. SQL quick reference for interview preparation
    4. SQL Date functions – Part 2
    5. SQL top and limit usage
    6. How to clear an arraylist in java










Java interview questions

  1. Java interview questions – p1
  2. Java interview questions – p2
  3. Java interview questions – p3
  4. Java interview questions – p4
  5. Java interview questions – p5

Selenium Interview Questions

  1. Basic level
  2. Real-time selenium interview questions
  3. Top 25 selenium interview questions


How to check if string contains only digits in Java

How to check if string contains only alphabets in Java

Difference between flush and close in Java

How to capitalize the first letter of a String in Java

How to capitalize each word in Java

How to swap two numbers without using third variable in Java

Generate random between 1 to 10 in Java

Generate random between 1 to 5 in Java


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Selenium         Java         TestNG


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