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hashset and linkedhashset differences in java

Differences between HashSet and LinkedHashSet in Java:   S.No HashSet LinkedHashSet 1 HashSet doesn’t maintain insertion order. LinkedHashSet maintains insertion order. 2 Unordered. Order is unpredictable when we iterate through the elements. Ordered and gives predictable output. 3 If you don’t want to maintain insertion order and should have unique values then you can use… Read More »

How to take screenshot in Selenium WebDriver

Taking screenshot in selenium is simple and it helps us to debug the failure and to find out the root cause. By looking at screenshot, we can get to know the details why and at which step test has failed. TakesScreenShot interface is used to achieve this task and this TakesScreenShot capability is enabled by… Read More »

Top selenium interview questions

Top Selenium Interview Questions: 1. Can you tell me about yourself? 2. Can you explain about your latest project? 3. What is the difference between selenium and other automation tools in the market? 4. What are different types of testing? 5. Where would you see yourself in the next 5 years? 6. Can you explain… Read More »

How to select a dropdown using selenium web driver

In this article, we are going to learn about how to select a drop down using selenium webdriver. In our selenium automation, we may come across situations like entering text, selecting radio buttons and check boxes etc. Like this way, selenium handles dropdowns in an easy manner. Points to remember: Using selenium web driver, we… Read More »