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advanced sql functions

Advanced SQL functions: COALESE: This function is used to return first non-NULL value from the list or from the table. Examples: SELECT COALESCE(NULL, 1, 2, ‘’); –> Returns 1 SELECT COALESCE(NULL, 500, NULL, 200, ‘’); –> Returns 500 SELECT COALESCE(NULL, 77, ‘automation’, ‘’); –> returns 77 SELECT COALESCE(NULL, NULL, ‘automation’, ‘selenium99’); –> Returns automation SELECT COALESCE (NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,’selenium99′,700);… Read More »

selenium interview questions basic level

In this article you will find the selenium interview questions of basic level. 1. What is an exception test in Selenium? An exception test is an exception that you expect will be thrown inside a test class. For example, if you have written an automation test script in such way that it should throw an… Read More »

string initialization

In this article, you will find types of string array initialization. 1. what is the use of { } in below statement? String[] array= new String[]{}; Ans: Here it initializes the string array with the values between { }. In this case zero elements, so array.length == 0 and array[0] throws IndexOutOfBoundsException. 2. What is… Read More »