Free Amazon Gift Voucher

Free Amazon Gift Voucher – Contest:

Just spend 5 min and get Rs.50 worth amazon gift voucher on this contest.

Please go through below links and find the missing number (1 to 10) present in the pages and send it to me in the comments section or through mail ““.

Steps to follow:

1. Search selenium99 in google.

2. Click on Free Amazon Gift Voucher Contest present in the below link or in the bottom of the homepage.

Free Amazon Gift Voucher 1






3. Click on any ad displayed on your screen and copy the ad link.

4. Stay on the ad page for 1 min.

5. Go through below link to find missing number(s) between 1-10 and tell us the missing number(s).

6. Also please send the ad link you have copied in the 3rd step in the comments section or through mail (Mail us)



Click here to play the contest


1 Why this contest?

This contest is for our website promotion.

2. What is the worth of the voucher?

Voucher amount is Rs.50.

3. Can I get Rs.50 directly in my bank instead of amazon voucher?

Yes. You can send your UPI ID and we will send you the money to your bank account directly.

4. How many days will it take to get amazon voucher or money?

1-2 working days.

5. How many winners will be announced per contest?

For now, we are selecting 5 members who sends the code correctly.

6. Where will you announce the winners list?

We publish the winners list here. Link – Winners

7. What is the frequency of this contest?

As soon as we receive the code from participants and if minimum number of people have participated then we will start the next contest.

8. Is this contest genuine?

Yes. It is 100% genuine. We are doing it for our website promotion. So we will announce the winners as soon as we get the correct missing code from participants.

9. How many members has to participate in this contest?

At least 50 people should participate in this contest. So that we can give amazon vouchers to the selected members through lucky draw. So please forward this link and increase the chance of winning the contest.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this contest. Please leave your feedback in the comments section. Thank you.

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