How to handle alerts in Selenium WebDriver

By | August 9, 2020

How to handle alerts in Selenium WebDriver:

Selenium WebDriver is able to handle alerts in addition to the windows and frames. This tutorial explains how to handle alerts in selenium.

Alerts in selenium:

What is an alert?

Alert is a popup or message box which displays on the screen. Alerts can appear on the screen due to various user actions. For example, alert can appear when you click on a button or trying to navigate to other page.

selenium alert handling



Alert alert;

Alert is an interface which has below methods to execute different actions.

void accept() – It is similar to the Ok button. It clicks on the Ok button on the alert box.

void dismiss() – It is similar to the Cancel button.

void sendKeys() – It send the text on to the alert box.

getText() – It retrieves the text from the alert box. Used to evaluate the text present on the prompt or alert boxes.

Types of Alerts:

  1. Simple alert: It just have an Ok button in it. It is an informative kind of alert.
  2. Prompt alert: This alert asks the user for some information. User can enter the information into this alert using sendKeys() method.
  3. Confirmation alert: This type of alert asks for the user confirmation whether to proceed or not. For instance, when you are trying to delete a file, you may encounter this tyepe of alert.


How to handle alerts in Selenium WebDriver:



Output on the Console:

Hello! This is an alert box.
PASSED: alertMethod

You can try this yourself by following below steps:

1. Open Notepad.

2. Copy and paste below code.

<!DOCTYPE html>

<h2>Click the button to display an alert box/confirm popup.</h2>
<p><b>Alert box:</b></p>
<button id=”alert_id1” onclick=”myFunction1()”>Click here</button>
<br />
<p><b>Confirm popup:</b></p>
<button id=”alert_id2” onclick=”myFunction2()”>Submit</button>
<br />
<p id=”demo”></p>
<p><b>Prompt dialog:</b></p>
<button id=”alert_id3” onclick=”myFunction3()”>Enter</button>
function myFunction1() {
alert(“Hello! This is an alert box.”);

function myFunction2() {
confirm(“Hello! This is a confirm popup.”);

function myFunction3() {
var name = prompt(“Please enter your name”, “Selenium user”);
if (name != null) {
document.getElementById(“demo”).innerHTML = “Hello ” + name + “! Have a great day.”;


3. Save file with .html extension.

4. Change the file path in selenium code and run the script.

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