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Top selenium interview questions

Top Selenium Interview Questions: 1. Can you tell me about yourself? 2. Can you explain about your latest project? 3. What is the difference between selenium and other automation tools in the market? 4. What are different types of testing? 5. Where would you see yourself in the next 5 years? 6. Can you explain… Read More »

Most Commonly Asked Top Selenium Interview Questions

Most Commonly Asked Top Selenium Interview Questions: ADP Written test questions: 1. How to find inner text using CSS attribute. Options: css=tag:attribute (“inner text”); etc. 2. How to find words starting with ADP using CSS. Below are the few options. tag:attribute(“starts-with@id, “ADP”); tag:attribute(“@id, “ADP”); etc. 3. A question about Actions element. 4. Context click is… Read More »


Selenium Interview Questions: 1. Question on xpath. Parent child traversing. Lets consider we have 1 parent element and 3 child elements. Write a xpath to identify the 2nd child element using 1st child element? Selenium Testing Selenium WebDriver Selenium Automation Solution: //*[@id=’id1′]/following-sibling::li[1] Explanation: If you give the xpath ‘//*[@id=’id1′]‘ in firepath or chropath, 1st child… Read More »