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sql date functions part 1

Some of the sql date functions have been discussed in the previous article. In this tutorial you can check more date functions. 1. ADDDATE(): It adds time to a date.

Output: 2010-05-25 2. ADDTIME(): It returns a date/time after adding certian interval of time.

Output: 2010-05-15 10:10:20 3. CONVERT_TZ(): It converts a datetime… Read More »

sql date functions

In this tutorial, we are going to learn different kinds of date functions used in sql. In this page I am focusing on the most commonly used functions. 1. now() 2. sysdate() 3. curdate()/current_date() 4. curtime()/current_time() 5. current_timestamp() 6. date() 7. date_add() 8. date_sub() 9. datediff() 10. extract() 11. date_format()   1. NOW(): Returns the… Read More »